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Customized English Programs

English Center USA excels at customizing courses and private tutoring to meet the specific goals and needs of a group or individual.

* University of Illinois Departments or professors with international graduate students -- do you have students or scholars who struggle to be understood in their university research groups with inadequate pronunciation, grammar, or conversation skills? English Center USA is an "Preferred Vendor" of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As such we offer customized classes (usually once per week during the semester) to groups of international students/scholars who struggle to succeed due to inadequate English skills, or who are at risk of failing the E.P.I. test due to poor pronunciation, conversation, or grammar skills. Any university faculty or staff member may contact us to see if we can offer an extremely affordable method of improving the success of your graduate students or visiting scholars.

* Special groups visiting the U.S. English Center USA can arrange special customized English classes and sight-seeing trips for your special group! Do you have a group of students, business professionals, or other visitors who want an opportunity to learn English skills, see the United States, and sample the life, culture, and language of Americans? Contact us for more information at: